Cornerstone Mount Group "CMG", Inc.

About Us

About Cornerstone Mount Group Inc.

Founder and CEO

Florence Akano

Cornerstone Mount Group “CMG”, Inc.

“God’s Servant

Spiritual Counselor



Motivational Speaker

Empower, Impact and Transform their

lives with the Love!”


Our Team


Shaneze Smith, Chief Operating Officer

Chad Gayle, Acting Chief Financial Officer

Terence Smith, Treasurer

Board of Directors:

Dedingar Noudjalbaye Olivier

Webert Civil

Alie Fabius-Jean

Event Planning / Fundraising:

Karen A. Jennett, President


Building communities and Nations One Stone at a Time!

for the advancement of social and economic development by transforming lives through the love of Christ

Edify, encourage, build, and serve all ethnicity, religion or disability

CMG is guided by the belief that everyone who has a dream to attend school deserves the opportunity to succeed 

Assist students with hardship to achieve an excellent education

empower and enrich the lives of others to become independent

Assisting needy individuals with food, clothing, health care and other assistance

Connect and assist other charities with their programs

Social and developmental services programs to help others achieve success and prosper

and continue to be a blessing to nations

We thank God for our friends, partners and donors for sponsoring and supporting our missions.

How To Achieve Our Goals

Community support, donations, the help and support of our partners, sponsors, families and friends, online and offline advertising and postings, word of mouth, referrals, and reinforcement for participation

Let us reach the world together With the gift of love that keeps on giving! Join the movement and give a gift of love



Tax Exemption

“CMG” Inc. will provide you a receipt for tax purposes for your gifts and contributions.  Thank you!