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Children And Families


​More than 48 million people face the threat of hunger daily in the United States.  CMG is connected with soup kitchens, food pantries and other charities to help stop this threat.

These meals will assist homeless people of all ages, as well as individuals and families who are in need.

To help us to serve our community, please contact Cornerstone Mount Group “CMG” and DONATE NOW.



CMG is connected with shelters and other charities that provide housing, food, homeless services, and overnight lodging for various amount of time to those in need.

For individuals and families with temporary needs and situations, emergency food, housing and other assistance are provided for them.

To help us serve these families and individuals, please contact Cornerstone Mount Group “CMG” Inc. and DONATE NOW


Social and Developmental Services

Assistance to Organizations

​Cornerstone Mount Group “CMG”, Inc. will provide assistance to churches and 501(c) (3) approved organizations in support of their exempt purposes.  CMG seeks to assist these organizations with their programs that help individuals in need and students.  To make organizations aware of our assistance, we will research organization needs through different online and offline postings.  Organizations will submit a grant proposal letter or some other type of needs statement to request assistance.