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Mobile Clinic Project


Location:  The Church of God Independent of Castel-Pere, the first section of Les Cayes in the Southern Department.
TIME: Monday April 5 and Tuesday, April 6, 2022
SERVICE: Mobile Clinic 

We at the Cornerstone Foundation believe that mobile health clinics play an important part and reduce health disparities, especially among vulnerable groups, people with chronic illness, and rural communities without easy access to healthcare facilities.   Mobile health clinics are the only means for some people to access lifesaving medical treatment.

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A “MOBILE CLINIC EVENT” took place at the church of God independent of Castel-Pere, the first section of Les Cayes in the Southern Department on Monday April 4 till Tuesday April 5, 2022.  This event was organized by the Cornerstone Foundation in Haiti, and Cornerstone Mount Group CMG in the USA an international foundation that aims to helps people get out of poverty, children to go to school, build schools and churches, help young people to get scholarships for university, and in more ways.  More than 300 people were cared for at the clinic, and 4 physicians with 13 nurses carried out this work.  

We thank God for Pastor St Cyr, the First Lady St Cyr, and the leaders at the Church of God Independent of Castel-Pere who blessed us to use the location to provide this necessary service to the community.  We are thankful for the doctors and nurses who went beyond their call of duties to make sure that our community received non-emergent outpatient care that is routine, preventive, and medical treatment.  God bless you all!