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Second day of seminary organized by the members of "CORNER STONE" at God's church from Castel-Père /Cayes Haiti.

The subject was” How to choose your partner”
There were about one hundred and thirty youths there.
We organized this seminar in order to guide and help by empowering our youths to know the best way and make the better choice when it comes time to choose their partners so that they will have a successful future.

On Thursday 30th, March 2023, the members of “CORNER STONE” have organized a free mobile clinic day for the kids who are in the community of Castel-Père Cayes/Haiti.
In this community there are many children who are sick and theirs parents are unable to go to the hospital with them, that’s why most of them are dead and survival rate is very low. this is the reason why we organize ourselves to realize this project.
This is a project for every three months for kids and adults.
The next one will be done on May 19th.
We have many other projects, but they cannot be realized without your support.
Pastor ST CYR Jean Renel, one of the members.
We thank Pastor Florence Akano her support.

Pictures of the event